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Some early 86-DOS Documentation is located on Tim Paterson's website.

86-DOS 1.0 has been successfully recovered from a copy of an 86-DOS 1.0 8" SSSD Floppy Disk provided by Robert J. Stevens.  The data on this disk was extracted using a CompuPro DISK1A controller, and a custom program to dump the raw sector data out to a serial port on a sector-by-sector basis.  It is available as a raw binary file, and as an ImageDisk (IMD) file.

86-DOS boots and runs on the SIMH/AltairZ80 Simulator.  The latest version (based on SIMH 3.8-0) is available from Peter Schorn's website:  Peter's site also includes 86-DOS and MS-DOS 1.25 disk images for use with the simulator.  The main SIMH website has more information on simulating other systems.

There is also a discussion of the 86-DOS recovery on the comp.os.cpm newsgroup.

Description Size Download
Instructions for running 86-DOS in SIMH/AltairZ80 1K 86DOS_README.TXT
86-DOS 1.0 (Cromemco Format) Files Extracted 48K 86DOS_FILES.ZIP


SCP 8086 Monitor 1.5

86-DOS version 1.00
Copyright 1980,81 Seattle Computer Products, Inc.
Enter today's date (m-d-y): 06-05-82

COMMAND v. 1.00

COMMAND  COM      1842  04-28-81
RDCPM    COM      1310  04-30-81
CHKDSK   COM      1110  04-24-81
TRANS    COM      3088  04-24-81
ASM      COM      6389  04-28-81
DEBUG    COM      5153  04-29-81
EDLIN    COM      2144  04-28-81
HEX2BIN  COM       483  04-18-81
SYS      COM       154  04-24-81
MAKRDCPM COM       303  04-30-81
INITLARG COM       509  04-28-81
INITSMAL COM       507  04-28-81
CPMTAB   ASM      1072  04-30-81
BOOT     ASM      2602  04-28-81
INIT     ASM      5595  04-28-81
DOSIO    ASM     24277  04-30-81
MON      ASM     35502  04-28-81
NEWS     DOC      1404  04-28-81
NEW      BAT       101  04-24-81



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